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Saturday, November 20, 2004


I’ve been trying to get my thoughts together on this for a while, and I think I finally found a good analogy to my thoughts on the state of this country.
I think it’s like having a son, who once had good grades, but slowly turned into the dumb laughingstock of the class. No. It’s worse than that. There was this comic where the character had one of those million-dollar free throw things, where he’s in this basketball court with the whole world watching, and not only does he miss, his pants fall down, and the whole world can see his tiny penis. Yeah, that’s my kid. Jee-zus!
I had some time after class, so I went to a bar. Whether it’s a bar or a café, it’s Sean time lol. The tender did whiskey shots with me, which was pretty cool. I do know now that I can make it to the bathroom blind after 4 drinks. Although I can’t hold a conversation and navigate to the 14th St. 1/9 line, I can find it fine by myself. I was walking with an older woman, I think she was 41, and she went with me to the subway, and all of a sudden, I realize this, although technically leads to the 1/9, it isn’t where the train is. I have to do a block and a half underground to get there (It DID feel like a short trip, and at one point I remarked to her that we made great time *sigh*). SO I lost about 20 minutes trying to find the train and of course, that made me, not late per se, just not early. Whatever.
I met H a little later by the water, and then we went back into the city. She wanted to go to Bubba Gump’s, which is a tourist trap, but what the heck, I’d never been there before, despite I go to school less than a ½ mile from there. But I guess it’s true that you never do any tourist stuff until a tourist visits. Which she is. In 3 years, I can probably count the number of times she’s been in the city. On my hands. Me, I love the city :)
The staff there is obviously trained to deal with non-New Yorkers.. a tad too “friendly” maybe. The waitress actually sat down with H to ask her touristy questions, like “Do you know why they call it the Big Apple?”, even after we’d said we were from here.
We went to the little Hello Kitty store in Times Square. Oh mannnnn >:p
27 year old H and my 4 your old niece both like Chococat, because it looks like Kitty, my cat who moved in with H’s family after we found she was aggravating his asthma. She was buying a giant windshield cover and $.50 Chococat stickers, and I asked her to get another one, that I wanted to buy for my niece. Can someone explain to me what the problem is? She thinks that by my buying the same thing, it detracts from her purchase. That is insane. They’re stickers.
I think I love H and America the same way. I do love them.. I’m just a little disappointed and embarrassed by what they’ve become.


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