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Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Foiled again

Another prof cancelled today.. it was the only class I had today, so I could've stayed in and slept till noon if I felt like it. Of course, I'm meeting with some classmates after class to work on next week's project, and i have no idea of they're showing up. I COULD be editing, but I'm just not feelin it.
I'm feeling sleep. My best friend morpheus, (not to be confused with Cowboy Curtis from Pee-Wee's playhouse).
I can't believe I missed U2 going down 7th Av. yesterday. Dammit.
My back hurts thinking about tomorrow, H's cavalier has THE most uncomfortable seats of any car I've ever been in. Wish my old car was up for a run, it's hella more comfortable, plus the kickass factor makes it a lot better to be in.
"You and me... Booyah, grandma. Booyah!"
Feeling kinda good about something though, the last three people I met at the bar seemed to take a look time to notice that I couldn't see them, and it never became a major topic. On the street, it's kind of obvious, but indoors, when I know the terrain (nothing like bud light to make some learn the bathroom route quickly and often).
Or maybe the people were a little too drunk to notice, or thought that maybe I was drunk. Who knows.. it's a compliment, and I'm f'n taking it!


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