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Thursday, November 18, 2004

Ghost winamp and soup nazis

yours truly
The strangest thing is going on at work... because of someone caught abusing eBay, pretty much everyone lost the internet *suckage!* Yet my winamp still gets online stations! Kick ass! Some of us out there really don't like soft rock that sounds like its coming off someone's old 256MB MP3 player.

H came over tonight, and I gave her a little soup for one things. My dad threw a hissy fit, and when I we weren't looking, dumped it down the drain.

So H & I took a midnight trip to the supermarket for one can of soup worth less than $2. Just so he can eat soup because he had a wisdom tooth taken out. I'd feel less pity if he didn't continue to eat cookies. I had 2 taken out the same day on opposite sides, and the sutures didn't hold (think chainsaw massacre chipmunk).

I had to meet him in the city yesterday.. his appointment was a full 90 minutes AFTER I get out of class, and 12 blocks south. I DO know midtown reasonably well, but come on! I even had to do the metrocard thing for him, from buying it, to using it on the bus. I know he wants me to be independent, but he's not proviving too good an example. 30th St. is dead in the evening, and I can't read addresses. I walked into 2 businesses before I got the right one, and then had to sit like an ass in the waiting room.

And he gives me grief over Campbells f***in Creamy Tomato.


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