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Monday, November 22, 2004

H Redux.. slight retraction

Okay, today makes up for a week of H stuffs. :D
5 O's between two people in about as many hours is a good start.
We took my niece out for ice cream sodas and to see the Spongebob movie, which turned out to be a little intense for four year olds.
And, I must admit, I've earned a new respect for David Hasselhoff. Amazing what a little self-parody can do.
We also went over to my sister's boyfriend's place, and it's bizarre. This guy must own the largest collection of Star Wars stuff ever, and is completely hooked on WarCraft. I remember one of my suitemates being hooked on the original and made it his major (He flunked out the next semester). I can't gloat though.. I minored in Street Fighter, which was weird because I seemed to be the only non-Asian to like it. Ha-DOOO-Ken!!!


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