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Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Must... resist.. accenty... numminess!

Another day, another lab. Scored an A-, which I later found was the highest of anyone I know in the class. Yay, sorta. Everyone hates this teacher, and a few have complained already. I think I'd feel like an ass bitching about an A-, though.
I made some new friends at the bar, which is always cool. *sigh* I love English accents. I could listen to this one girl talk all day. I think I told her that too. We all had drinks together and talked about weird online dating experiences. I thought mine were bad.
Afterward we all walked back to the subway. I've always kind of left on my own; company is sooo welcome, as it's a long walk to the 1/9 when you're on your way home. Even better on a cute girl's arm :)
Ha, I'm such a flirt.. good thing I'm a harmless one. I could do so much damage to this world.


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