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Thursday, December 30, 2004

2004 en masse

I'm not going to be online on New Year's, so I'm doing the 2k4 wrap-up today:

- Hit the big Three-oh! =:O
- Managed to not get into a stowstorm this year for V-day
- Got invited to premiere of friend's movie
- Got consulting gig on SI
- Rained on
- Threw the Überque
- Jet ski'n off Lake Wassakoag
- camping/hiking off Lake Erie as per ritual
- got accepted into grad school BOOYAH!
- went to 'postcard' memorial dedication
- H & I have been together 3 freakin' years!!!
- Started this blog!
- The Nevada Smith incident
- 2 days and 500 miles to go.. it ain't over yet!


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