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Monday, December 20, 2004

The Banana Incident

I try to eat healthy at least one meal a day. On Friday, I was pretty sure I bought a banana to lab, but couldn't remember that night if I ate it or not. On sunday I went back to lab, and I had a pepsi in my bag. they don't allow food or drinks in the lab, so I figured I'd by thirsty by 8pm. The pepsi had what I thought was dried Pepsi on the outside (it happens, everyone gets a goopy bottle now and then), and I was like, "Hmm.. I don't remember that." Maybe I was drinking from the non-goopy side, and missed the weird dry BBQ sauce on the other side.
Nope, the grim reality was my banana was mushed, rotten and dried to everything in the bottom of my bag during lab. Everything.
so here I am, washing brown banana custard out of my bag at 1am and thinking how retarded I can be sometimes.


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