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Thursday, December 30, 2004

For the 2 crazy blinks who actually read this blog, there's nothing to see here lol

Both of you know about the Noelle/Laetitia crossover incident and have had similar things happen. For the rest of you, I have a story.

It was around the spring of 2000. I'd been apart from my ex-girlfriend for about 4 months. Her mom didn't want her dating a guy like me. I agree, for different reasons, but I digress. I was free, doing well off the whole dot-com thing. and I did what any newly free man did... flirt! I didn't feel like a relationship yet, and I never had more opportunities to be evil (to which I succumbed only once!).
I basically had a mini-harem; it was pretty awesome. Getting to the story haha

I knew these two girls, Noelle and Laetitia. Both of them were French (ooh la la!) and extremely va-va-voom. Both had the same accent that was so thick I swear even after knowing them some time, it was like a jigsaw puzzle, and they were identical to the ear. Maybe if I'd known them longer at the time this wouldn't have happened but... I mixed them up. Made a date on the phone with one, and wound up meeting the other at Whitehall the next afternoon. Thankfully, I never said "Bye, Lae" on the phone, right?

Of course, I never let on that I was intending to meet the other there. I was still a date, but I couldn't help but think about how I'd been fooled for almost 24 hours.

I guess sometimes my ears play tricks on me. I get a mental image that's so way off, and yet it's the picture I have of that person. (by the way, I didn't realize Noelle was black either for about 3 weeks). Didn't change anything except I had to make up a new face for her. LOL

BTW I've never done the face-touching thing, and I don't know anyone who has. I think it's invasive and a little creepy. Unless it's a cradle kiss :)

Needless to say, I think I need to turn off that side of my brain that makes pictures of things when they aren't there. I need to stop filling in the blanks with STUFF. It was useful as a graphic artist, but now it just constantly gets me in trouble, whether it's imagining a big thing in front of me that isn't there (I'll stop for it) or getting friends' faces and ages mixed up (which is what I did yesterday.)

I've learned an important lesson, never EVER tell that person ANYTHING about 'their' picture. Even if the reality is better, they will go apeshit. The feces will fly and the fangs will come out, Monkey Shines' style, howling, screaming and swinging from the furniture.

I'm clinging to my early 90s Nicole Kidman picture for H, hahaha! I know its inaccurate, but sometimes I need to be beastly. Especially when she's Fartin' Away (okay, that was bad, I'll stop now).

G'nite kids.


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