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Sunday, December 05, 2004

Livin la vida labba

I'm considering setting up a tent in the lab. I was here until 8 on Satuday, and back at 10 today. Factor in that I'll be spending at least 6 hours of these two days in transit. Ugh! I need a Manhattan apartment BAD!
I wonder if this machine can burn CDs.. the last one ate up 3 blanks before taking almost a half hour to born a 4th. At least it let me log in. Last week, I had one lab that wouldn't allow me any access to the machines, yet if I went into any other lab, my password would work fine. This week, there's no problem, except it takes 4-5 minutes to log in.
10:15 get to lab
10:16 type login and password
10:17 go to the bathroom
10:19 come back
10:20 loading user profile
10:21 setting up desktop crap
10:21 error
10:21 angrily flip computer the bird and start workin


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