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Friday, December 10, 2004

Wet, displaced and sans cell phone

I got a call at school at around 7 that my friend Jim wanted to borrow some photo equipment.. that his g/f was in contact with a modelling agency and they needed pics, posthaste. Altho I don't work in the frontend of that business obviously, I do have some useful stuffs lying around, mostly cuz it makes my place look cool.
Because my phone's battery was almost dead, I left it off until I got out of lab at 10.
Now I feel like the jerk who's super busy and doesn't have time to help his friends.
After all, he DID write a glowing letter for me to NYU, which played, IMHO, a huge role in my getting in.
I waited a half hour in the rain for the bus. Sean was drenched. I wasn't as wet when I got out of the shower, on the basis that at least my towel was kinda dry. And then, after over an hour on the bus, I get drenched again, when the driver let me out... half a mile short of my bus stop! WTF?!!! And now my phone's DEAD. It took me about 15 minutes to realize where the hell I was and another 15 to get home.
It's now 3:30.. I'm wide awake from aggrivation, and I have to get up in 5.


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