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Sunday, December 19, 2004

Why do I even bother calling it Saturday

I was late for work.. overslept by a half hour. I've never done that before, to give you any reference to how tired I've been this "weak". Wait, who are you? Does anyone even read this blog? LOL
Got another project due on Monday.. this one's over a minute long.. I've kind of got the gist of it, sort of a Rammstein meets 80's Europop.
Yet another full day of lab tomorrow.. I'm sooo close to being done!
I can't effin wait! Then I can do my laundry, Chirstmas shopping and sleep.
I got a call from my friend Joe.. he's back in NY because his mom just had heart surgery. Ugh. Still, I won't be able to see him until Tuesday at least. Double-ugh.

It's a holly jolly Christmas, in case you didn't care...


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