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Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Goals for 2K5

1) Like everybody, lose the 30 gained since whenever. It could be worse.. I could be talking metric.. now THAT would suck.

2) Learn a passable amount of some language. I'm thinking German since I feel stupid liking Rammstein yet understanding one word in 10. Also, it sounds wicked evil.

3) Sh*t or get off the pot with H. It's been 3 years. On Saturday she was talking about how she isn't where she wants to be, and that things aren't what she wanted in life, and that she kind of wants to live in Maine. Sure, I'm going to drop out of grad school just as I'm getting my life together, because she "thinks" she "kind of" wants to live in Git-R-Done land. But I digress...

4) Get back in black with my bills (which could be as soon as August, being that I'll have all summer to work). SDI cuts you off once you make over 10 cents a millennium anyway, and I don't like the idea of living off disability.

5) Do some kind of computer thing... something different... I have a few months to think something up.

6) Travel solo.. sounds scary as hell, but I wanna do it.


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