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Tuesday, January 11, 2005

I got shot today!

That's right, I went into the city and promptly got shot.

That means measles, mumps and diptheria can bite it. Although the immunity is good, I really only did it because my registration was being blocked. Hopefully,I'll be able to register by tomorrow.. or tonight if I can use the torchtone thing :)

I had a choice, $50 for a shot at the school clinic, or $0 for a shot at the clinic a few blocks away. Let's hear it for bargain immunization! *falls over, convulsing*

Actually, that could be a rare side effect. About 1 in 6 get a fever from the shot. I run at about 99.8-99 degrees even (I'm very warm blooded) so I really gotta be cooking for anyone to notice. I think the grand mal should be enough.


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