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Friday, January 28, 2005


I found out tonight was kareoke night at Nevada Smith's. Ugh, it was like American Idol without the editing. I kinda got tired of the crowd and having to fight my way to the bathroom, but I didn't want to go out into the cold, but I couldn't take the tune-bashing.

I went outside and called Virgin on 14th, asking if they got the new TMBG CD. The first guy I talked to didn't seem to understand me, but the next time I called and without being rude or anything, got explicit.

Man on phone: "Virgin MegaStore, may I help you?"
Me: "Hi there. My name is Sean, I'm blind and I was wondering if I could get customer assistance. I'm looking for the new TMBG CD and some other stuff. Are you guys really busy right now?"
Man on phone: "We're a little understaffed, but it should be alright."
Me: "Sweet. I'm about 15 minutes away, as long as it's not too busy. I don't want to be a pain in the butt either."
Man on phone: "Okay, just come in and go to the counter and someone'll be there."
Me: "Alright, um, would it be on my left , right, or straight ahead?"
Man on phone: "It'll be on your left."
Me: "Thanks! See you there."
Man on phone: "Okay, bye."

Turns out the CD doesn't come out until February.. oh well. I left and was about to cross B'way when some woman (guessing 40-ish) asked if I'd like a hand. It's late, it's icy, it's really cold, sure!

I have this weird problem, when I'm walking with another person, I can't multitask and find where I need to go. It's like a part of my brain assumes the random person knows where to go better than I do. Now the bus comes at B'way and 13th, and I know for a fact that we passed it (I did ask her to keep her eyes peeled for the bus sign). When we walked two blocks, I said I'm really positive we missed it. She said to me "'We' missed it?" kind of teasingly, and I was like well.. yes.. I'm really sure of it.

Finally, we find the bus, and there's a guy standing there and she's trying to tell him that I'm looking for so-and-so bus, and she kind of gave me a bit of a compliment, saying that you really couldn't tell by looking at me, that I was.. um.... ahh.. visually.. er.. um.. whad-do-you-call-it... challenged.

I love how people can't even say the "B" word, but I digress...

I sometimes wear dark glasses becuase of streetlight glare but I wasn't tonight. My cane WAS stashed and my hands were in my pockets... because it's 9 degrees out, and holding an aluminum cane in this weather can get painful.. I was just trying to get some feeling back in my fingers lol.


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