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Monday, January 03, 2005

sick sick sick

Maybe it was the train ride from hell.
Maybe it was the fact that it was well below freezing.
Well, whatever, my throat's been soaked in acidic Alien blood.

But the fried scallops were freakin worth it.
I HAD to go up this year, after hearing that H's brothers had bought presents (actually only one did, but that's still a first). So I had to go shopping for all her brothers and go up there lest I be the grinch.
I bought a shirt, sweater, and a DVD of Army of Darkness (the Boomstick edition for all you primitive screwheads!).
I scored a book on New England ghosts, which is pretty cool I guess. I'll scan that puppy when I get to it. Once I get my computer working.. and with it, my scanner. :P


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