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Monday, January 24, 2005

Snow day

Think two feet of snow and subzero temperatures would keep me in on my b'day.. hell no!

H & I went into the city for some eats and drinks. Although there were people out, there were almost no cars. If only it was always like this. Minus the snow lol.
We wound up going to this trailer trash-themed places, and downed Jim Bob's IQ, which I think was pretty much a glass of Tequila. *blech* I think H drank hers out of principle because it was real obvious that she hated it.

We were on the subway with this guy who was going to the Culture Club, which is an 80s club downtown. On the way back, we ran into him, and he was riiiippped. LOL

They say that snow is the blind man's fog, because it covers up things like curbs and such. It's true to a point, and then after more than a foot, it becomes everyone's fog, as no one could tell where anything began or ended under their feet.

I wonder how long it'll take to get this mess cleaned up.. I got school tomorrow :P


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