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Wednesday, February 09, 2005

half blind guide dog

I can't believe it happened again. Don't these people realize I'm the last person to help them across the street?! This time it was in midtown. Some woman asked if I was crossing Madison, and I said yeah. I'm assuming that since I was using a roller cane and that I was still waiting for the light that she simply didn't hear my cane.
But I heard hers as soon as she asked, and I was wondering if she was offering to help me as I've been in that odd position before., and this was just a role-reversal.

But alas no, she needed the help. And I told her that I was also kinda blind, but that this isn't a bad intersection per se, and I knew where she wanted to go.

And I'd run into her before, maybe about 3 or 4 years ago, cuz she was super short and kind of waddled. You don't forget that easily. Still, I wonder how many times this has happened to her, as she didn't seem to remember me. Or does she simply do this every day?


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