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Friday, February 11, 2005


My MMR shot.. I think it's infected :( My arm's blown up like Popeye. And I gotta wait till Tuesday morning to go to the doctor.
Maybe I'll get a shot for it *weak laugh*
I had to leave class "early", only 8 minutes after it was scheduled to end in order to race my bus downtown.
It goes like this:
12:25 bus on 42nd, me in class
12:38 bus probably around 14th, me just leaving class
12:43 bus is SoHo, me on the 2 express
12:51 bus downtown, me switching to the 1 on Chambers (almost there!)
12:55 bus almost to Battery, me practically running from Rector
12:56 success?!
12:55 - 1:08 bus arrives
*pant, pant, wheeze!*


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