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Tuesday, February 01, 2005

They're back...

It must be spring.. the weird chinese are back. I don't mind them practicing falun gong or whatever on 42nd St. all day, but I have to refuse about 30 pamphet-wavers a day:

"No thanks"
"No thanks"
"not interested"
"leave me alone"
"what the, dammit GO AWAY!"

I want to headbutt one.

Of course the next day it'd be the same:
"No thanks"
"Didn't I headbutt you yesterday?"

They're more annoying than the "Black Israelites", who I would have no problem with except that I was walking out of a Wendy's, and one of them called me the devil, forcing me to try to reason with them for a good half hour that if I actually were the devil, would I be buying off the dollar menu?


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