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Friday, February 04, 2005

Thursday Nite Out

I went over to Nevada Smith's after class.. I figured I'd just chill out before the kareoke crowd came in, have some pizza and just kill time. It was actually pretty hopping, and I kept getting people's emails. I'm not looking to cheat, but I'm a social animal and I like to hang out :) We all BS'ed and made asses of ourselves (well, not me, I kept my dignity lol I didn't braille any of em).

Unfortunately I totally lost track of time and missed my bus, which meant I stood in the rain/snow mix for almost an hour. Okay, well, not exactly IN the rain/snow.. once there were people waiting, I could walk over to a building with an overhang and wait there. I know that if I wait there and there are no people around, the bus'll go right by before I can get to the stop and wave the driver down.

On my right on the bus I had a Jesus freak. I'm thinking, "Yes, I do believe in God, but do you believe in Certs?" This marks the second time this year I've been prophetized too.. the first being a few months ago as I was just walking down 14th St. and she had severe Hal too.

Does being hyper-religious involve being an anti-dentite?

So of course the driver and I were glad to see her go, and then she's asking me the same questions everyone asks.. how MUCH can I see? What's wrong with your eyes anyway? Don't they make glasses for that? But you're so young!

Strange misconceptions afoot! Blind people are just nearsighted people who haven't discovered the amazimg new invention of eyeglasses. And they're usually really old.

Okay, there's a lot of truth to the second one as most blinks are old fogeys.. being a semi-young semi-fogey is a shock to people who expect us all to be really old, slow and unsure of ourselves (like the people who bumble out of Selis Manor on 23rd, and ask me for a hand across. If I can tell they're blind, why isn't it reciprocal? Don't they have robo-hearing or something?). Barring fatal diseases and accidents, I'll eventually live up to that one and not shock people so much.


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