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Thursday, March 17, 2005

The Blind Date

Yesterday was one of the best days of my life.
I'd been talking to this girl online, who until I get her permission shall be designated "D" :)
Now I know there is a group of people who find blindness and visual impairment to be a particularly positive trait in another human being, as opposed to the approximate 95% who consider it a turnoff and the 4.95% who are indifferent.

Some people are offended by this sort of thing, initially I was kinda taken aback by the first "admirer", mainly cuz he was a guy and I don't swing that way. After some thinking, if I truly felt that my disability was just a characteristic, then it was no different than my nonsensical redhead lust of the early 90s (I'll save that for another raving). So I fostered it. I talked on the blind-interest-type groups. I posted pics. I think I was just as curious about them as they were about me (and they're a good source of blindie-info. Course I dare not meet one lest I risk my relationship with H.....

Well kids, I met one yesterday and we had a blast together. Taking advantage of the fact that I have some daytime vision, I (precariously) guided her through an antique store, chinese knickknack place, St. Mark's, thai restaurant, and even a short subway ride. I think she's better at discerning objects through touch than I am. *grr lol*

By God, I'd terribly missed the feeling of having a girl on my arm, instead of the other way around. I think she may have had some fun too lol (subtle intensifier here).

As night came, she returned the favor, and showed me the tiny architectual details of buildings I'd walked by a million times without noticing. We went to a comedy show and ate s'mores over a hot sterno.

A sightie who likes being led on occasion... a rare, precious, happy thing.. why must they all be so far away. :P

We're meeting again on Friday evening before she leaves for sunny Florida. *happy sad*


At 3:16 AM, Anonymous "D" said...

Hey Sean, "D" here. You think I may have had some fun??? HA!! It was truly one of the most amazing and eye-opening (pun intended) experiences of my life!!!
I am ever grateful that you decided to be curious rather than offended. :)

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