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Saturday, March 05, 2005

An even nicer day, but...'s over. At least for awhile. H dropped the 'other' f-bomb on me today as I was leaving work. I'd been outside, enjoying the nice day for no more than 15 seconds when she called.

We're friends. Jesus*.

Last week we had reverted to 'dating'. By next week, I'll have to introduce myself all over again.
I don't feel like crying, it's just this weird ache. I feel rotten, and I didn't even do anything bad. She just wants to work out some baggage on her own, and I just have to nod and accept it. It's like breaking up without the freedom to start over, not that I have much imperitus to right now. I want to believe.

Am I being naive?

*Disclaimer to religious readers - I'm not taking God's name in vain, I'm forced to look to the divine in the hopes that there's some explanation to some of this crap. I doubt I'm going to get a celestial phone call, but whatever. It's a slightly agnostic but hopeful thought. Can't hurt, right?


At 8:54 PM, Anonymous jentbrave said...


sorry to hear you're still dealing with all this crap. my advice - if you want it - is to start moving on with your life. If H wants to put things back together later, all the better, but if you want to get rid of the ache, you have to put things in the 'too hard' box for now, and try to get yourself in order.

thinking of you,

jen t brave.

At 3:48 PM, Blogger Janie said...

you may not like advice from a stranger....but....if you 2 aren't married......I'd suggest you moving on. Life is too short, and even though i'm a woman...i know.women can be a pain in the ass. She can deal with her " issues" but this could drag on forever. And trust me, some women like to know you are still pining away.....Get yourself a few hobbies...spend time w/ your guy friends/ reconnect with old friends and enjoy yourself.

Is she mental? lol....just kidding.
take care and try to have some fun.


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