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Saturday, March 26, 2005

Midterm hiatus / The Village Drinking game

Sorry about the delay.. yep one of those "apologetic" blogs haha

In the meantime, I've concocted the rules to The Village drinking game
Like most drinking games, high sugar content koolaid will work here too :)

The 11* Rules of The Village Drinking Game

1 ) Take a half swig whenever everyday English conjunctions are forcably ignored
i.e. "Can not" in place of "can't"
2 ) Take a swig every time Those "We Don't Speak Of" are actually spoken of
3 ) Take a swig when you see something red
4 ) Take a swig whenever Lucius looks constipated-stoic
5 ) Take a swig whenever Ivy is very blind or very not
6 ) Take a swig whenever you see Noah (for good brain damage), two swigs if he's laughing giddily, three if he's crying , moaning, or dying
7 ) Take two swigs every time someone gets hit
8 ) Take two swigs whenever you actually see "TWDSO"
9 ) Take two swigs when the Elders forget and start using conjunctions again
10 ) Finish your drink when when Ivy takes to the woods (to grandmother's house we go?)
*Bonus) Finish your drink AND take a swig of a second when you've figured it all out, unless it's at the very end.

Hopefully, you'll either be addled enough to seriously enjoy this movie or sugarbombed enough to laugh at the stupid mess of a film it is.


At 2:48 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

It is not a conjunction, it's a contraction. conjunctions conjuct. ie: and, but, also. Contractions contract. See your examples above.


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