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Sunday, April 24, 2005

Friendship Lost

Well, it was inevitable.

H invited me to see "Sin City" last week. I agreed, as I used to read Frank Miller as a kid, and it seemed like a good idea. My only night free is Friday, so we decided that was a good idea to meet then.

6:00 pm - I leave work and get on the bus
6:10 pm - I get a message saying H can't make it
6:11 pm - I call H, asking why

The conversation:

Me: What happened?
H: Uh.. I have to work late.
Me: So, who's the guy?
H: Wha-whatever do you mean?
Me: Who's the guy you're meeting tonight?
H: Uh.. I haven't met him yet.
Me: Someone online, right?
H: Yeah.. he's pretty funny. He's short though (babble babble)
Me: So when did you make the date?
H: A dunno, about an hour ago. I was just online today and we started talking.....
Me: Jeezus, H. You say you want to be friends, and then you blow me off for a person you just met online an hour ago?
H: Uh..
Me: I wouldn't do this to my friends, H. What does this tell me? It shows me no respect for us or our friendship that you would do this.... goodbye, H.

I don't plan to see her again. I think she's going out with some guy.. I don't know if its the same guy, and I just don't care.

She has no consideration, and no remorse. She put saucy pics of herself on friendster, and has been going out with different guys online for a while now.. with some good results and some rather disturbing ones (particularly the ones she can't remember... oh, good one, H.)

I don't know exactly when she turned into a slut, but she did.
She did before when she cheated on her ex-fiancee (while he was dying of terminal cancer, by the way).

I thought people change, but I was wrongo.

You can have at her, boys.

She's dirty to me now.


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