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Wednesday, June 08, 2005

The Necessary Hiatus

Sorry about the wait. I had reasons (or excuses).
1) I had to stop in order to put my time into my finals. I was pondering smuggling a sleeping bad into the lab, but I think they have motion sensors.. if I had to make a bathroom run, I'd risk a run in with security or worse.
2) Hours before my last final, my grandmother died. She was revived, but she had gone without oxygen for too long, and she was severely brain damaged, and was dependent on a respirator. She was taken off a week or so later and passed minutes afterward. She ws 98.
3) H. I really don't want this blog to become yet another blog whinefest.

Now I can write about the normal stuff going on around me.

Cool news, I'm going to D.C. and Baltimore next week. I'm hanging out with Cat and we're going sightseeing. (Is that correct? I mean, that's not politically correct, um, um, er.. is there even an action verb for tourism?? Touring just sounds like I'm travelling with a band.)

"Helloooo Balto!!!! Are you ready to rawwwwk????!!!"

Er before I do that, I gotta get fitted for a tux for my friend's wedding and clean up my pad, which is getting very katamari damacy. And I gotta put together a good playlist on my muvo, because, both ways, I'll need 9 or 10 hours of tunes. and if I time it right, TMBG's "James K. Polk" could play as I'm entering the capital.


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