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Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Washington Dizzy

I took a couple of days off last week. I just needed some time to get away. It's funny, that when things were bad and crazy around my house, I was looking forward to the time where I'd be bored.
Wrongo! I was itching to go out, do something, anything! *paces around, foaming*
So I went down to D.C. for a few days. I met the mysterious "D" (previous tale here) and she had the glorious job of playing tour guide dog for a few days.
In return, I kept her up until 5am talking about the weird double life of the visually impaired lol.
Hilarious clips include:
"I'm not totally blind, but I'm not sighted either. T.V. says you're either one or the other. Outside of Mr. Magoo, there are not VI people on television, and, ugh.. Magoo... I've got to pick a team. On one hand weenieweenieweenie, but on the other ababbablabbablab!"
(D mentions the pecking order of blind schools, how the partials beat up on the totals). "Do you think they carry a grudge.. (sigh, grin) I won't be able to play any of their reindeer games"

D.C was designed to keep noise down. Metro station ceilings are like giant waffles, designed for sound baffling. It works, the subways are realively quiet compared to the shrieking cacophany that is the NY subway system, but it sure could use some light!
My view of the D.C. Metro from the inside of any station.


If only there were stations that went to things other than the Smithsonian. What NY lacks in modern noise cancelling (well, the subway IS 100 years old!), it makes up for in being able to go pretty much anywhere (except Staten Island).

Also, D.C is retarded. Poor poor Lincoln.

a typo on the wall of the Lincoln memorial
He had such a high hope for the euture.


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