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Tuesday, July 26, 2005

The Evil Coffee Maker

This is why I like it iced.

This morning I came into work and two of my co-workers were cleaning up coffee. Apparently the top of the coffee maker (where the filter is and such) spontaneously ejected, burning two people waiting around the machine. B got burnt on his hand, but F got splashed in the face an inch below her eye. One inch and we'd all be rushing her to the ER :O

Last night, there were helicopters all over the place, traffic was insane and nobody knew what was going on. Turns out Dick Cheney was at the Excelsior-something on Hylan for someone's fund-raiser (maybe his own? no wait.. that's what Iraq is for lol)

It really should be illegal to create policy with the purpose of making yourself rich.

That and creating exploding coffeemakers.


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