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Thursday, July 21, 2005

The Gigglechick Experience

Last night I went to the New York Comedy Improv to see Erin Bennett a.k.a Gigglechick do standup. I'd seen her once before a number of years ago. That night I'd run into a number of the other comics, and had an absolute panic just BS-ing with them. I'd thought of doing comedy before, but it was the closest I ever came to doing it, hanging out with funny people.. and making them laugh. I figured that if they thought I was funny, Joe Shmoe would think so too.

Meh, who knows.. maybe after I'm finished with school I can give it a shot.

Aaanyhoo, back to last night. GC put on a good show, making fun of herself, her mom, and a lot of stuff that I hadn't read on her site (cool!). The birth control shot bit was pretty funny :D

Sitting across from me was this guy who never introduced himself, but at some point started giving me the play-by-play of the sight gags. I understand it was well-meaning, but I really didn't want to attract attention.. that's the comic's job. As much as I talk about my vision on here, I prefer a low profile. One of the comedians was 4'10". (Seeing-eye-dude was like "Hey, that guy up there, he's gotta be like 4 feet tall"). Yup, figured that out from the short jokes. Oddly enough, whenever the comedians were doing any kind of real sight gag, SED was quiet. LOL Oh well, he meant well, and that's what this blog is all about, right kids?

Well, at some point, all the coffee and energy drinks (pre-emptive strikes as I knew the day was going to be long) had to go somewhere. So when the waitress came by I subtly asked for a hand to the bathroom. We leave the main area where the stage and seats are, and then... "Sean?"

Oh my God, they found me, I don't know how but they found me, RUN FOR IT MARTY!!

Turns out it was Erin, who was taller and a lot more soft-spoken than I thought. But that's probably because I'm not on her sh*t list anymore ;)

Having only been around Erin in dim lighting, I can say for the record, she feels like she's 20ish *ducks and runs for cover*

Seriously though, my thanks for the arm ^_^

Afterward, I went over to Nevada Smith's to chill out for a bit, hanging out with this guy Dominik, and two girls, Jackie and Maria. Dominik's from Poland, Maria's from the Dominican Republic, and Jackie's from upstate.

It's funny how everyone in NYC thinks of upstate as Westchester.. it's not even close to upstate.. it's not even central NY. The girls sounded cute but were kinda young, around 20.

I didn't get home until close to 5am :P so I'm a little brain-dead at the moment.

Good thing I'm at work! LOL


At 1:06 PM, Anonymous marydell said...

I didn't even mention the other comics in my review of Erin's set, but I thought the second to last one was hilarious. His "mini-guinea" line about the emcee cracked me up. (I'm Italian, so it's okay for me to laugh.)

At 2:19 PM, Anonymous SED said...

During the sight gags it was silent, so I didn't want to draw attention.

At 10:26 AM, Blogger Sean said...

I figured that, but that was also the time I had no idea what was going on. It's not a gripe at you, but the situation. :P

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