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Sunday, July 03, 2005

Ikea, Batman, Blank & Tans and #$%^!! Jersey!

I wound up getting dragged to Ikea.. my friends were seriously looking for a couch/love seat thing, and Ikea... well, there's something to be said about functional Swedish furniture.
Something bad... with umlauts.

The only couch they liked only came in three colors, feces brown, red-brown, and some kind of blue-brown? At least we got to try some weird-ass lingonberry drink, which was kind of like cranberry, but not as evil.

I loathe cranberry. I think I've developed an aversion to it from the times I was sick as a kid, and was forced to drink large quantities of the stuff.

We got lost in New Jersey, of course. Who designed NJ anyway? sadists??!! I thihk no one ever moves willingly to NJ, they just get hopelessly lost, run out of gas and patience, and eventually buid a home there, being permanently unable to return. That would also explain why if anyone in NJ gives you directions, that there will be some critical error in them, forcing you inevitably into a circle.. after all, they couldn't escape, how could they possibly advise you on a better route? But I digress...

Batman. Good.. real good. sometims it takes itself a little too seriously, but I don't mind it erring in that particular direction. But what I really like is that it cleans the slate, making it very easy for me to pretend the last movies never happened. No Geoge Clooney, no batsuit riddled with rubber nipples.

Then we spent the night chilling out with some black and tans (excellent craftmanship Robbo!), watching old episodes of "Jack of all Trades". now, I love Bruce Campbell, I will be at his book signing in August if at all possible, but I can tell why the show got canned lol It was kinda bad, but fun as long as you don't take it seriously at all. :)

There's a rumor of a Bubba Ho-tep 2, something about a Bubba Nosferatu. Anything that pits BC as an elderly Elvis versus an angry undead makes for good moviemaking in my book. I'm there!


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