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Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Olympic-sized Stupidity

I'm glad London got the Olympics vote for 2012. Really, I am. Now New York may actually get a reprieve from its Construction Attention Deficit Disorder.

First we were getting a new WTC based on Delta City from RoboCop, but with windmills. WTC=WTF?!!
That got nixed for a new design with a twisty base.
That got nixed for a new design replicating the original Towers but one floor taller.
That got nixed for a new design, complete with Buck Rogers' ship on top.

Then the Jets were getting a new stadium.
Nixed, period.

Then the Mets were getting a new stadium.
That's till up in the air...

Then the Yankees were getting a new stadium that was to be a replicate of the original stadium (with modern amenities of course, Ca-CHING!)
Again, who knows...

Then the Olympic village was going to be built. Of course, this was on the assumption that queens can be remodeled as easily as in Sim City.

So far, nothing has been actually built.

I'm glad they won, but it's sad that terrorists had to stir up shit there, but what really irks me is the two-faced reaction of Paris mayor Bertrand Delanoe.

The day after the attacks, he said to the press, "We are all Londoners now". I beleive it was Chirac who said, "We're all New Yorkers now", after 9/11. Whatever.

But within the same week, Delanoe had the cahones to accuse London of unfair tactics during the IOC voting. They're games, for Chissakes!

One day, a statue of Delanoe will be made in the city of Paris by all the collective ass hats of the world. Hopefully, someone will make the suggestion to raise his giant bronze foot to his giant gaping mouth.


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