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Friday, August 05, 2005

D S L, Make Up Your Own Damn Lousy Acronym

My DSL had been nonexistant for almost a month.

Verizon's answers:

a) reboot computer

'kay, I think I'd do that before waiting to talk to tech support

b) reboot modem


c) make sure you don't have a DSL blocker connected to the modem

Why, after two years would I suddenly do that? "Aaah, I'm bored!! Lemme plug this into my phone line!!! Perhaps this will soothe the monotony." ahem, nooooo

d) modem's too far from the outlet

Alright, that makes sense.. it IS connected via 25' extension cord... but why would it work for two years and THEN quit?

e) the modem is plugged in via a flat cable as opposed to the round one they sent with the modem

Makes as much sense as d.. so I wound up buying 50' of bulky ethernet cable :P

f) my DSL filter on my kitchen phone is busted



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