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Thursday, August 11, 2005

GC2: Die Harder

After work, I went and saw Erin Bennett (aka Gigglechick) at the NY Improv. I'd seen her perform, and as always, she was funny. Her performance seemed a bit rushed, and she didn't seem to be at ease up there. I sat with her friends Erin and Kate (I think that was her name).

Everything was fine until I left. It was about 11:30 or so. I walked slightly ahead of Erin and her friends. Probably not the smartest thing to do, I kinda had the butterflies going, but I was on reasonably familiar turf, and I figured as soon as I hit B'way, there would be more light and few crowds (being close to midnight). I thought wrong, and just seemed to plow through one hapless tourist after another between 53rd and 42nd, really not the impression I was trying to give.

I wound up actually early for the last express bus, by almost a half hour. I sat on the curb and just mused on the events of the evening. Cabs went by, my ass grew numb, and I thought to myself, "What the hell am I doing out here"? My periodic sojourns often end this way. I often kind of relish the moments of pure independence. It's pretty sweet and at the same time I feel again ill at ease, knowing that it somes with the potential of awkwardness, solitude, and possibly disaster, social or otherwise.

Its just I don't have the inclinations of my friends. They're more than content to hang out at home, watch a movie, and BS. They marry, they have kids, they have mortgages. I haven't gotten them to hang out in the city since I moshed with the pelander punks two years ago... on my birthday.

I think I need another vacation :P I should bring em along kicking and screaming. Or find some new fools to hang out with.

Man, its late and I should be sleeping instead of doing the ol' fish outta the water whinge. Just need some real Zzzs...


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